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Jin Li – Founder

Jonas Hendrickx – Co-founder

Born in 1990. Software engineer. He is a Lenovo Insider since May 2013 and a Microsoft MVP Windows Consumer Expert since July 2014. He is also a ThinkPad evangelist and Windows Phone fan. Jonas co-founded ThinkScopes where he writes with other Lenovo Insiders about technology and ThinkPad. In his free time, he also tried more than 400 beers. Hobbies? Tinkering with ThinkPads and giving tech advice in the Lenovo forums.

Benjamin Herzig

Felix Bohnacker

Atli Jarl Martin

Oliver Fischer

Tasurinchi El

Kim Eugen Mortensen

Jeremiah White


Bill Morrow’s ThinkPad Forums

Disscussions regarding our articles or other ThinkScopes content can be held in Bill Morrow’s ThinkPad Forums. We have a working relation ship so our content can be shared in these forums without problems. Linking back and forward will cause no problems.

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