Privacy Policy: ThinkScopes Band Notes

1. Privacy Statement

Jonas Hendrickx collects and uses your information and data stored in our software and services or through our business activities. We may use your personal information (see section 2) for inquiries or technical support.

2. Personal Information

In our software and services, our response to your inquiries, or our user communications by questionnaires, we may collect or acquire your Personal Information as follows:

(1) Email address and password you register. When create a new account, you may register your email address and password for your account. We use such email address and password to confirm the identity of the user and prevent any unauthorized use of our software or services. And we use such email address to contact you for the user support and the user communications or provide you our product or service information. In no event shall we check your password and no password will be given to any person (including you) under any circumstances even when you desire to confirm your password you register.

(2) Other information you register. When create a new account, you may register your nick-name of your account for using our service. While the registration is optional, if you decide not to register such information, you may not be able to use all or parts of our software or services.

(3)Device information you use. When you use your device to use our software or services, your device provides device information that you registered and stored in your device (e.g., your device name) in order to confirm the identity of the user and prevent any unauthorized use of our software or services. Such device information varies by platform. We also use such information to calculate anonymous, aggregate statistics on the number of unique devices using our software or services.

(4) Information of your software operation. We collect and use the information of your software operation on our software. If we collect and use your information, we separately specify our software.

(5) Our software and services you use. We collect and use this information to confirm the identity of the user and provide our software or services. We also use this information for the improvement of our software or services how our users use our software and services.

(6) Your inquiries. If you make inquiries about our software or services, we acquire your inquiries to examine problems reported from you and to provide an appropriate response to those inquiries.

(7) Questionnaire data. When you answer our questionnaire, we acquire your questionnaire data such as the information specified in our questionnaire relating to the usage of our software or services.
We use your questionnaire data to improve the Service or develop new features of the Service, new our software or services. To answer our questionnaire is your option.

3. Purpose of use of your Personal Information

We use your Personal Information to:

(1) Solve technical issues with our software.

(2) To respond to inquiries and complaints.

(3) To provide advertising information from our partner businesses.

4. Provision of your Personal Information

We will not provide your Personal Information to third parties.

5. Input Data

We shall not collect your input data typed with our software and handwriting shortcuts entered into our software without your prior consent.

6. Modifications

We may reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. Please check and ensure this Privacy Policy regularly. We may notify of important changes in a reasonable manner.

7. Contact

Please contact jonashendrickx <at> for more information concerning this Privacy Policy.

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