Best WordPress host in 2016

ThinkScopes has tried a lot of hosts trying to keep up with the high traffic. We have tried many hosts like Azure, BlueHost, GoDaddy and so on, and all of them were disappointing, until we found DreamHost, we finally settled after 2 years. Finding a good WordPress host is very difficult, as wordpress is a CMS that requires a lot of power to run.


Azure was definitely the slowest service we have tried. We even used the more expensive 100$-120$ per month plans. But the performance was still terrible. Page loads would takes between 10-20 seconds which was completely unacceptable. I even tried many web.config tweaks to enhance performance to no avail. IIS also does not play really well with some plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. My recommendation is to completely avoid Azure for web hosting.


BlueHost was slightly faster, but was still painfully slow. Page loads took between 5-10 seconds, which was an improvement. But still not what I was looking for. Specially the first time to byte was too high. If you are looking for an affordable host, BlueHost may seem attractive.


DreamHost is a really good host, and can deal with at least 2500 visitors per day for just 15$ per month which is a very good deal if you are living from Google AdSense and want to make some money. DreamHost does offer a WordPress performance optimized plan called DreamPress 2 (Managed WordPress Hosting) for 25$ per month. For this money you will get a server with 1GB of RAM and 30GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth.

If you choose to have your own VPS (Managed VPS Hosting), pricing starts at 15$ with the same server specifications: 1GB of RAM and 30GB storage. At any time, you can scale the VPS to increase or decrease the RAM and storage to adjust performance based on the traffic that is flowing to your website. If you are looking for a profitable solution, DreamHost’s VPS is the way to go! Combine it with Google AdSense, and Amazon Affiliate program to get most profit out of your blog or personal website.

Sign up now, and start blogging.

If you need advice, I can help you in the comments.

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