How to hide updates in Windows 10?

If you have installed Windows 10, you may have noticed it tends to install the latest drivers for your system. However, if your OEM or the manufacturer of your laptop has supplied customized drivers, you want to avoid newer drivers from Microsoft. Because these newer drivers are unsupported and will break functionality.

For example, the ThinkPad W540 I have will cease to have brightness control if I use a generic driver or a newer driver from Microsoft. I am forced to use the driver supplied by Lenovo. In my case, I want to blacklist and hide the driver supplied through Windows 10.

To hide or blacklist drivers in Windows 10 follow the tutorial below.

  1. Download the script from this page.
  2. Save or move the script in a folder you know it is safe and won’t be accidentally deleted in case you need it again.
  3. Then right-click the Windows start orb in the bottom left corner.
  4. If you have the driver supplied by Windows Update installed, uninstall it through ‘Device Manager’ or install the older driver over it. Whatever solution works for you.
  5. Choose ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’.
  6. Enter ‘cscript %your_path_to_script%/hide_drivers.vbs’. Replace ‘%your_path_to_script%’ with the path where you saved the file. For example in my scenario, I saved it on my desktop: ‘cscript C:UsersJonasDesktophide_drivers.vbs’
  7. Enter ‘y’ if you with to hide a driver, enter ‘n’ (default) if you want to continue or show the driver.

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