ThinkPad Yoga 15 – Opinion

This is probably one of my favorite models that was announced at CES2015. I have been waiting a long time for a ultrabook or convertible ThinkPad that came with at least 16GB of RAM. Developers that need to load a lot of programs at the same time, the ThinkPad Yoga 15 is very welcome. For example Android Studio requires at least a computer with 8GB of RAM. And then you still don’t have virtual machines of Android running in the background.

The battery life doesn’t seem impressive, only 8 hours are to be expected. Although you cannot have everything, all other features make up for it.

2.3kgs may be a little bit heavy for a convertible, as it is only 200 grams lighter than the ThinkPad W540 right now. But again, I value the amount of features above weight.

The only difference with the ThinkPad Yoga 14

  • Processors: Up to Intel Core i7-5500U
  • Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GT840M
  • RAM: up to 16GB
  • Storage: up to 1TB HDD or up to 256GB SSD
  • WWAN: Sadly not, the only feature really missing for me
  • Camera: 3D RealSense Camera (This sounds interesting)
  • Display: Full HD (IPS) with active digitizer (included digitizer pen)
  • Keyboard: Lift-n-lock keyboard
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Weight: 2.3kg (5.1 pounds)

Specifications Sheet

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