ThinkPad T520 CPU upgrade (Quad Core)

On the ThinkPad T520 you have the option to upgrade/downgrade to the following list of Sandy Bridge CPU.

Dual Core Sandy Bridge

  • i3-2310m (04W0495)
  • i5-2410m (04W0496)
  • i5-2520m (04W0492)
  • i5-2540m (04W0493)
  • i7-2620m (04W0494)

Quad Core Sandy Bridge

  • i7-2620QM (04W3628)
  • i7-2720QM (04W1360)
  • i7-2760QM (04W3629)
  • i7-2820QM (04W1361)
  • i7-2860QM (04W3620)
  • i7-2920XM (04W1510)
  • i7-2960XM (04W3631)

These CPU are Lenovo tested and approved (

P.S. If your laptop is in warranty, the CPU is not a CRU, so it should not be replaced by the customers (especially if you are not sure what you are doing).

The procedure for the CPU upgrade (or any maintenance procedures) can be found here (

The video of the upgrade and service procedure can be found here (



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