29 (29+ or 29++) batteries in the ThinkPad X230?

44+ battery (6 cells) for ThinkPad X230 and X220

The ThinkPad X230 uses the new 44 series battery (44, 44+ and 44++), which contains a new authentication chip to tell the laptop that it is an authentic battery. So what happens when you use the ThinkPad X220’s 29 series battery (29, 29+, and 29++) battery in the ThinkPad X230?

ThinkPad X230 with 29++ 9 cells battery


If you use the ThinkPad 29 series battery in the ThinkPad X230, it will produce an error message during the laptop bootup screen, which tells you that the new battery is not supported. If you press the Esc button, your X230 will then power on as normal, but you would not able to charge the 29 series battery in the ThinkPad X230.

29++ (9 cells) in ThinkPad X220 compatibility


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