Hail ThinkPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard!!

ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint

When Lenovo released the ThinkPad USB keyboard with TrackPoint back in late 2009, lot of avid ThinkPadders requested Lenovo to release a wireless version of this keyboard, but non have been released. But Lenovo obviously have taken the requests of the ThinkPad users seriously, as they are about to release the new ThinkPad Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint, which is modeled after the new ThinkPad Precision keyboard (more preciously same as the ThinkPad T430u keyboard). 

Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth wireless keyboard 2


Since the new ThinkPad Bluetooth Keyboard uses the ThinkPad T430u keyboard layout, it therefore has a very large spacebar unlike the regular Precision keyboards that are fitted to the normal T430s an T430.

ThinkPad T430u Keyboard comparison


Also, from the released picture of the ThinkPad Bluetooth Keyboard has an integrated keyboard backlight (noted from the blue icons on the spacebar).

P.S. Once again i have to thank IBMThink for telling me about this yet to be released Lenovo Product.


Update: The new ThinkPad Bluetooth Keyboard will have an integrated battery that lasts up to 1 month, and can be charged using the micro usb cable (included with the keyboard). It will also have a NFC feature, which allows fast device pairing. Finally, there is no backlit feature mentioned in the release.

It will cost around $100 dollars. I have ordered one, so i am waiting for delivery at the end of April.

Jin Li (lead_org)

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  • i think it’s pretty interesting, but i prefer larger keyboard, like the classic keyboard, but more smaller than classic keyboard to make it portable..

  • Waiting SO MANY years not funny for this.
    Any further news? Has it been officially announced yet? Release date?

  • It hit the US site a few days ago, which is down right now. I bought one. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Gerhard Wiesinger


    Do you have a link to further details or the Lenovo web site?

    Thank you.

    Gerhard Wiesinger

  • Will the Bluetooth version double as a USB keyboard or is the port just for charging?

    • Hi Andreas,

      I don’t have any information that suggests the bluetooth version will double as the USB keyboard when connected through the USB port. I have bought the bluetooth ThinkPad KB, but the delivery will take another 2.5 weeks, so i guess i will find out when it get here.


      Jin Li

  • Hi Jin,

    Can you confirm that the Thinkpad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard is identical to the picture you posted?

    Cause all the images i’ve seen shows that the F1-F12 keys are printed smaller with secondary functions while the media keys are made primary which is similar to Thinkpad Edge keyboards.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Jin,

    Thanks for the link. As I plan to use this keyboard with a Macbook/HP, there is a few things I would like to confirm.

    1. Some Fn keys do not work on the older Thinkpad USB keyboard when used with Mac so does the Fnlock key on the compact keyboard works with other PC besides Thinkpad?

    2. As I intend to use Fnlock to enable f1-f12 keys as primary, do I have to reactivate it after a reboot or its saved in the keyboard system?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Jon,

      1. I am typing on my iMac 27 inch with the ThinkPad Compact USB keyboard, and the FnLK doesn’t work in Mac OS X. It works in other Windows OS, not just ThinkPad.


      2. In the Mac OS, F1-F12 are already the primary (since FnLk doesn’t work), also without installing Lenovo supplied software for the keyboard, the Fn Lock does not work. As such the F1-12 will always function like F1-12.


      Jin Li

    • Hi Jin,

      Thanks for your informative reply. I will mainly use it with a PC 24/7 & occasionally use it with a Mac HTPC. Just one last question.

      Does the Bluetooth version doubles as a USB keyboard for better responsiveness in key pressses/trackpoint or is the port just for charging?

      Thanks again,


    • Hi Jon,

      The Bluetooth version of the Keyboard will only work as the Bluetooth keyboard (which is stupid if you ask me). From my use of both keyboards (USB + Bluetooth version), the trackpoint responsiveness of the Bluetooth Compact keyboard is lot worse than the USB keyboard (which is why i use the usb keyboard with my iMac 27). Key responsiveness of the keyboard is about the same between these keyboard (although my Bluetooth review unit seemed to drop the signal every minutes and i just got a replacement unit, which i haven’t tested it).


      Jin Li

  • Hi Jin-Li. Any update on the responsiveness and signal drop of the BT keyboard after you got the replacement unit? Is the responsiveness of the mouse still slower with the BT than with the USB? Are you now able to stay connected, or does it still intermittently drop the signal?

    Thank you!

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