Lenovo Displayport to Displayport splitter

Typically you only connect one screen to one displayport output connector on your ThinkPad or ThinkCentre, but in reality each displayport is capable of supporting several displays at once if they are within a certain resolution range.

Lenovo Displayport Splitter input

Lenovo currently offers a Displayport to Displayport splitter, basically it splits displayport output signal between two EXTERNAL LCD of the same resolution and refresh rate.

Lenovo Displayport Splitter

Lenovo Displayport Splitter

Lenovo Displayport Splitter

The Lenovo Displayport to Displayport splitter can function in the following manners:

1. It can act as replicator for the internal LCD, so you can connect to 2 external screens and they will replicate the internal LCD.

2. It can be used in extended mode.

There are two extended modes that you can use it in.

a) Simple extended mode.

In simple extended mode, the 2 external screens will display the same image, as long as the resolution used are below the max of the individual screens.

Lenovo DP splitter

b) Ultra-extended mode.

While in ultra-extended mode (or Mosaic mode), the 2 external screens will act as one large LCD. So basically the two external LCD will act as one large extended screen (the resolution is the sum of the 2 screens). As shown in the picture below.

Lenovo DP splitter 2

For the above demonstration, i used my X1 Carbon with Dell U2410 (1920 x 1200) + Dell U2412m (1920 x 1200), to get 3840 x 1200 for the external display using the Displayport to Displayport splitter.

Lenovo DP splitter 3


Note of caution, in order to get two external display to work properly, you would need to use monitors with Displayport input, otherwise you would need ‘Active’ Displayport to DVI single link adapter. Also, the external screen should be of the same resolution and refresh rate.


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  • In order for this to work you shold have a mini-displayport -> displayport converter.
    Which one did you use ?

  • Cool thank you – then it must be my DVI cables that is the problem…

    - Karsten

  • Du you have an example of an Active displayport to dvi adaptor ?

  • Hi,
    Is there any way to have the Laptop monitor + 2 external monitors working as individual monitors using this splitter?
    I am hoping to use the laptop monitor as the main display and the 2 external monitors as extended displays.

    • you mean the 2 external monitors connected to the splitter working as completely independent monitor? The splitter allows the computer to see the two external LCD as one external lcd with the sum of their resolution (so if you have 2 of the 1920×1200 LCD connected, then the computer would pick it up as 3840×1200 LCD).

  • Thank you!
    Can you please tell,
    if I have two external monitors with different resolutions: 19-inches (1280×1024) and 24-inches (1900×1200), will they work together in separate mode? I mean, will they work in their native resolutions and can I open different programs (windows) in them and drag them between? The notebook monitor will be off.

  • Fernando Laudares Camargos

    Excelent articles in Thinkscopes in general, Jin! I appreciate your work – it’s being my main reference in the process of chosing a new Thinkpad. I’ve ordered the regular T430 (i5-2520M with HD 4000) expecting to be able to have 2 external monitors (1 on Displayport + 1 on VGA) plus the Thinkpad display working at the same time but reading a different article you pointed the limitations (only 2 combinations at the same time). I wonder if using such a Displayport adapter I could get 2 (identical) external monitors working plus the Thinkpad’s ? The external monitors have only DVI/VGA inputs so I would need to use adaptars to Displayport. If that’s not possible I’ll cancel my order and go with a T430u instead. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom with us.

  • Fernando Laudares Camargos

    Thanks again for answering our questions, Jin. You’re making all the difference when it comes to understanding what Lenovo products features and limitations are and helping us make educated choices. Trully appreciated.

  • I just got my X1 carbon from work and this adapter but it is not working. I am using a 3 foot mini display port to display port cable to the splitter and then two 6 foot DisplayPort 1.1 cables to my monitor. Nothing shows up in my monitor menu as an alternative display. Is there a max cable length or do you have to use the supplied short cable that it comes with? The supplied cable is not mini display port so it is not working. If so then I need to get an adapter. Also, does it matter that it is DisplayPort 1.1 cables to my monitor? I am using two identical Dell 2408WFP with Display port input trying to drive 1920 x 1200 but the computer does not see the monitor.

    • OK I went and bought a different mini displayport male to female adapter and that is working now. Unfortunately the adapter I bought is too fat to use the USB3 port so I need to find another :( Lenovo really needs more specs and troubleshooting on this adapter. I think a DisplayPort 1.2 cable is required from the computer to the splitter but that is not mentioned anywhere. I could be wrong but I don’t know why the Mini DisplayPort cable to DisplayPort I bought is not working unless you have to use the supplied cable because it is somehow proprietary.

    • Hi Eric,

      Sorry about the delayed response, as i just got back to Australia. I did not take the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Displayport splitter during my travel, so i could not test the configuration for you. I used the mini DP to DP cable from Lenovo with the DP splitter, i am not sure whether it is propitiatory or not. Also, i am using Win 7 OS, which OS are you using?



      Jin Li

    • Thanks for the response. I did get this to work but I had to buy a 3 foot mini displayport to female displayport adapter and use the supplied cable to the input. I have a 3 foot cable from my laptop connected to the short cable that came with the splitter and then two more 3 foot cables to each monitor. It is working so I am happy. Now I need to figure out how to deal with that large display that spans two monitors but is treated like one monitor in windows. It causes weird issues like when I go full screen it automatically spans across monitors rather than go full screen on a single monitor. I am trying splitview out but not sure if it is worth it.

  • Hi, Jin: do you know where online i can get a displayport splitter (or something similar) like you shown in the picture? i looked up online, but didn’t find one, and lenovo website doesn’t sell one either. Thank you!

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  • I have a T430 Lenovo laptop, I bought the Lenovo Displayport splitter and bought 2 active displayport to DVI connections and I am only able to connect 1 monitor. If I tried connected the 2nd monitor to the splitter, my laptop goes crazy and the screen keeps on going in and out in and out.

    Any idea? Do I need drivers?

  • Eric, they are indeed listed on the Lenovo website (even when Jin first wrote this article); example:


  • Hi Jin,

    Quick question: In the extended mode, can you use the two monitors attached to the splitter in a vertically stacked configuration eg, 1920 x 2400 ? Or is it capable of only a horizontal configuration ?


  • Okay thanks — not that there was indication that it would, but was hoping it was a possibility (still not ruling it out i.e. perhaps it might be doable under Linux, but suspect that its a fixed function of the IC inside the splitter)

  • Do you know if it would be possible to use 3 splitters and split 1 DP to 2 to 4 and run four identical screens in extended desktop configuration and get 7680×1080?

    I used one now and I like it! but have 2 more identical screens, before purchasing more splitters I’m curious to know if that would work.

    Thanks !!

  • Thanks Jin, no problem. I hooked it up with two HP L2201X screens and it looks great, I ended up stripping the DP plugs down and covered them with electrical tape to reduce the clearance between the screens. The L2201x has the connectors are on the side, the DP plugs are a bit bulky leaving a big space.

  • Hi, Jin: I have a T430s with Intel integrated graphics card. Is it possible to use the DisplayPort splitter to power two 27 inch 2560 * 1440 Dell Ultrasharp 2713 HM monitor (the native screen turned off)?

    Thank you!

  • By the way, the T430s I mentioned above has i7 chip, don’t know whether it matters…. no discrete graphics card.

  • I got the Lenovo dual display port splitter and connected it to a Lenovo T420s laptop. Is this suppose to be plug and play, or do I need a driver? Nothing happened when I plugged everything in, I have a display port to DVi cable for each identical monitor (Acer) with an on-board Intel graphic display on the laptop. Any help would be appreciated

  • I have 2 of these Lenovo Dual Display Port adaptors

    I am looking to run 2 independant Dell Ultrasharp U2412m’s off one adaptor. Will these work with Displayport to DVI leads or do I need display port to displayport leads?
    Also will these work independantly?

    If someone could advise.

    • Hi Toby,

      Apology for the late response to your question. If you need to run your adapter with DVI out, then you would need active dp to DVI adapters, and not passive dp to dvi adapters. If you can use displayport with the U2412, then you are better off with the displayport cable.

      The monitor will act as a single screen spanning both monitors, basically it will have a resolution of the 3840 x 1080.



  • I’m running Ubuntu Linux (14.04) on my X1 Carbon with a displayport splitter chained to the mini-dp port. My two external screens run happily in “simple extended” mode, i.e. mirroring each other.

    How do I configure “ultra-extended mode” in linux? (Spending almost a day search has gottem me no where unfortunately…)

    Advice is appreciated.

    • Hi Otto,

      I don’t use my ThinkPad X1 Carbon with linux, i will try to test this configuration on another machine that runs Linux when i get a chance.


      Jin Li

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